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“In the Rain” tells the story of someone who has been hurt by a very close person. The song encourages to find a way to forgiveness in order to look together again to the future. Thereby the rain symbolizes the pain being washed away. Puso: “I have experienced such a story myself. It is a wonderful feeling to stand under this rain, forgiveness happens and everything falls away from you. One would love to stay in this place forever and continue dancing in the rain.” and Plassix: “It is not about forgetting what happened, but about finding a way to let go. We have tried to make this topic experienceable not only lyrically, but also in the whole sound picture and structure of the song”. With “In the Rain” Plassix&Puso succeeded in doing this in a wonderful way.

Han Solo and Chewbacca, cinema and popcorn, gin and tonic, there are many more examples of how two wonderful ingredients become a strong team and a great experience. This is also the case with Plassix and Puso. The two from Bern, so far solo on the road, have come together as Plassix&Puso and also their second single is an impressive work of the promising newcomers.

The song “Not Alone” is about the fact that we are never alone in life. There is a higher power which, even in the most lonely moments, gives hope to go on, not to give up and to stand up again and again. We are supported by people, believe and goals that drive us forward, even if it seems hopeless or the end is not foreseeable. There is the spark of hope in the darkness that makes us believe and trust.

The music is written by Plassix&Puso. The electronic sound of Plassix, with the exciting vocals and lyrics of Puso, combine to an impressively strong piece of music, which need not hide from international comparisons. More songs are already in production and so we can look forward to more music by these two young talents. Plassix&Puso seem to have a very promising musical future ahead of them.

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